What is Pahlavan?

Pahlavan is a Persian word for the ultimate champion of champions in all aspects of sports and life. In the Persian culture, to be called Pahlavan is the highest honor an athlete can have, as it means to be merciful, kind, and a leader, as well as a great athlete. It is with those thoughts in mind that we promote our shows. Fair fights are imperative, as is the satisfaction of the fight experience for Pahlavan Promotions. We care very much about working with schools and fighters who care about sportsmanship, respect, manners, and the fundamentals of fighting.


Our Goal

At Pahlavan Fight Promotions, it is our goal to hold amateur fight events four times a year to afford local fight talent to rise up to their potential and reach their goals; whether their goal is to continue as far as possible in amateur fights or to receive enough experience to begin a professional career.


Our Amateur Fights are sanctioned by the IKF for Kickboxing and MMA and Combative Sports Athletic Commission for Boxing.



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Tampa Bay area fight promoter named Muay Thai and MMA Promoter of the year

June 29, 2013 | By: Stephanie Melendez

The Tampa Bay area fight promoter Ali Tareh was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as the Muay Thai & MMA Promoter of the Year (2012) during the 20th Annual Martial Arts Achievement Awards celebrating the WHFSC’s 21st Anniversary in America. The World Head of Family Sokeship Council is a worldwide martial arts grandmaster and masters organization. The organization was the first of its kind in America and over the past 21 years it has grown into the worlds largest and the most elite. Ali Tareh started his fight promotion company in 2008 and within four years he gained the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame's recognition.

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Who is Ali Tareh?

Ali Tareh was born on February 26th, 1973 in Tehran – the capital city of Iran. At the young age of 9, he started taking gymnastic classes and two years later, at the age of 11, he began studying Tae-Kwon-Do and Karate. This, however, lasted only a short period of time before he was introduced to Kung-Fu-TOA. He then realized that this was in his soul and that he was destined to pursue it. Ali took the art of Kung-Fu-Toa seriously enough to study it for 8 years, achieving a 7th degree black belt.

At the age of 21, after long years of study, Ali became a certified trainer and opened his own academy. This became one of the most successful and popular academies in his home country. While teaching at his own academy he got interested in San Shou and soon afterward he was training to compete. At the age of 21, he took 1st place in the National Iranian Competition held in the capital city of Tehran. This earned him a place in the Iranian National Team where he was an active member. After four years, he decided to move to the USA and test his skills there.

Soon after arriving in the USA in 1999, he fought three times and triumphed in all three fights, which earned him the Southeast Championship Belt. The year 2000 brought about another change to Ali’s personal and professional career when he switched to professional boxing. This would be a rather quick and hard jump for many, but not for Ali. He has since participated in 32 professional fights and performed well in all of them.

Ali is a born winner with a positive attitude, determination and strong faith. “With God’s help and support from friends and family, I hope to climb the ladder to success, and be the only Iranian boxer in the USA to obtain my goals and dreams.”

Ali taught boxing and kickboxing in his own gym. At the same time Ali “The Panther” continued to compete and in 1998 Ali got the second degree black belt in kickboxing from Germany. In 1996, he went to the Philippines to participate in an international competition. Competitors came from 23 countries, all eager to win a challenging competition that combined punching, kicking and grappling. Ali fought eight fights in a two day period and won 6th place.

Ali has participated in 26 professional fights and performed well in all of them earning him a 10 round NBA Intercontinental Title Belt and continues to train and teach the art of boxing and kickboxing. With years of serious training and success under his many belts.  Ali is a champion and a top trainer with excellent skills and a winning attitude. He teaches professional athletes as well as people from all walks of life. His students are men and women interested in leading an active, healthy life. Whether the goals are to lose weight, and stay in the best physical shape, all his students enjoy a customized training program that is fun and effective and find Ali’s enthusiasm and dedication truly inspiring.

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